Are Metal Roof Shingles Good For Orlando Homes? [In-Depth Overview]

Metal roof shingles

More than 85% of American homes utilize asphalt shingles on their roofs.

Low prices and quick installation are some of the major factors that justify this popular choice. However, when put to the test asphalt shingles may not in fact be as advantageous as other types of materials, like metal roof shingles.

Metal roofing is a type of metal cover that is used to protect the exterior walls of buildings, industrial structures, and homes. This metal can be made out of metal sheets (steel), metal shingles (aluminum), or metal tiles (copper).

Metal roofs are often considered for properties in areas like Orlando because they offer various benefits such as low maintenance costs, increased home values and can even indirectly reduce your home’s energy costs.

However, there are also some disadvantages to this type of roofing material that you should consider before making your decision about whether it will work well for you. 

This blog will go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of metal roof shingles and give you all the information necessary to make the right choice for your family.

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Are metal roofs good for Orlando homes?

In harsh climates like Orlando’s, one can never be too prepared for what mother nature sends your way. Metal roofs are the answer to that.

While asphalt shingles are very vulnerable to the sun’s heat, metal roofing is 100% fire-proof, protecting your family from both lightning and wildfires. On top of that, metal roofs have a longer lifespan than traditional asphalt shingles, with metal roofs lasting as long as 40-70 years and asphalt shingles only lasting 20 years or less.

Regarding energy savings, a 2013 study by The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) found that metal roofs reduce heat transfer by 80-90% (compared to asphalt shingles) during the summer season, with attic temperatures dropping 50°F on peak hours, as they reflect heat away from buildings.

Another study by the Cool Roof Rating Council found that metal roofs provide a 50% reduction in energy costs, mainly due to the decrease in energy used for air conditioning.

Metal roof shingles


When put to the test against asphalt, metal roofs require much less upkeep and provide a wealth of energy-efficient benefits for your home. Remember that while you can easily tear an asphalt shingle with your bare hands, you can certainly expect metal shingles to put up a better fight against harsh climates.


How long will a metal roof last in Florida?

As we mentioned before, metal roofs can last as long as 70 years, but it heavily depends on the type of material you’re using. We gathered different metal roofing options to illustrate individual material lifespans.

  • Aluminum roofs: lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum roofs come in a variety of colors and styles such as shingles or tiles. They are also very durable but don’t last as long compared to steel roofs, with an estimated lifespan of 20 years.
  • Steel roofs: Even though they’re less resistant than aluminum, these materials provide a longer lifespan at about 40-70 years depending on the type of coating used by the manufacturer or what kind of weathering it endures.
  • Standing seam metal roofs: They’re very durable due to interlocking panels that provide easy ventilation and are resistant to rust, fire, and wind. This is still a new material in the industry, so current data shows that it can last up to 30-50 years, but estimations take that number to 75+ years.
  • Copper roofs: being the most expensive of all metal roofs, and very popular in Florida for their natural green patina that forms over time, copper roofs can last up to 100 years with little maintenance.


What is the average cost of a metal roof shingles in Florida?

If you live in the same house for more than 30-40 years, a single metal roof is all you’ll ever need to worry about and will set you back about $22,000. Now, if you are moving into a new home with a metal roof, you won’t even have to think about it.

All things considered, you will need to reroof your home twice in 100 years, which would cost you around $44,000. When looking for estimates, remember that metal shingles can be installed over asphalt shingle roofs.

  • Steel roofs: $3 – $5 per square foot.
  • Aluminum roofs: $3 – $9 per square foot.
  • Standing seam metal roofs: $8 – $14 per square foot.
  • Copper roofs: $15 – $18 per square foot.


What are the disadvantages of a metal roof?

Some people have claimed that metal roofs are very noisy when it rains. Like a lot of criticism, their claims are based on misconceptions and misinformation around the topic.

First of all, metal roofs are no noisier than your average asphalt shingle roof. We believe metal shingles make so much noise because we are used to seeing this in movies, where old barns made of metal are super noisy during the rains.

In real life, this is not true, as the roofs depicted in farms are made with outdated methods. In fact, metal roofs can be even quieter than your conventional shingle roof, as they are more durable and resistant to the elements.

However, if we had to point out a single disadvantage of metal roofs, it would be the pricing, since they can get three times more expensive than asphalt roofs.

Remember, all things considered, that while an asphalt roof demands constant upkeep, a reliable metal solution will require maintenance once or twice in a century.



The decision to go with a metal roof for your home is one that you should not take lightly. Metal roofs are the best material if you live in or near Florida and want something that will last long, but they can be more expensive than asphalt shingles.

If you are looking to improve your roof with new metal shingles, be sure to evaluate the energy benefits of sustainable reroofing technology. Utilizing metal roofing panels combined with energy-efficient features like above-sheathing ventilation, phase-change material, and rigid insulation board can significantly diminish your energy bill. All these updates will provide your home with the best results regarding both energy savings and resale value.

If you’re still unsure about whether metal roofs are worth it, we encourage you to reach out to GOAT Roofers for some tips on how to make an informed decision. It’s important to think carefully before making such a large investment so don’t feel rushed into anything!

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