How Bad Are Missing Shingles? The Dangers of Storm Damage in Orlando

Missing Shingles

Due to its harsh weather, Orlando is not a place where you can afford roofing problems. Among them, missing shingles are the most common, as they lead to water leakage and storm damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. 

In this blog post, we will discuss what dangers missing shingles pose for your home. We will also provide some tips on how to replace shingles and ways to prevent them from occurring in the future.

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How bad are missing shingles?

While a few missing shingles may not appear to be a problem, if left unattended, they can cause serious problems with your home. Just a couple of these can cause tremendous damage, such as:

  • Expose your roof to water damage;
  • Leave your roof vulnerable to mold growth;
  • Cause long-term serious interior damage;


That’s why your blown-away shingles need to be replaced immediately, or you will begin to see other problem areas within the top layer of your roof or even inside your home.


How do you know if your shingles are missing? 

Keep your eyes wide open because you could have shingles blown off your roof without even knowing about it.

If you begin noticing water spots in your ceiling or wall, it could be a sign that your roof is missing shingles. To find them you can make a visual check by looking in your attic for any exposed beams or daylight pouring through.

You can also do a quick ground visual inspection of your roof, but you probably won’t be able to see the whole structure. From extremely pitched roofs to blind spots, checking the integrity of every shingle on your roof takes a professional eye, and someone up there.

If you suspect that you have missing roof shingles, but cannot see enough to make the assessment, you should call a professional contractor with the proper safety tools to inspect your roof for you.


How to replace missing shingles?

To replace missing shingles blown off your roof, we suggest hiring a professional contractor. 

Missing shingles can cause more damage if they are not replaced immediately, and this requires skill and expertise to do correctly. They also need to be replaced with the same kind of shingle that was on your roof previously (for instance: composition shingles or fiberglass shingles). 

Professional roofers, like Goat Roofers in Orlando, have the tools, safety equipment, and experience to get the job done. 

Missing Shingles


How long can a roof go without shingles?

The purpose of a shingle is to create a wind-resistant watertight seal that protects your home from the outdoors. If a single shingle goes missing, the area under that shingle is exposed to the outdoors, and it can be an area that causes leaks and other damages to your home, leading to thousands of dollars of repairs.

While your roof won’t come crashing down around you if it is missing a shingle or two, don’t wait too long to fix the problem. Missing shingles often go unnoticed until there is already substantial damage done by rain and wind flooding into the interior rooms of a property. 

To avoid these costs and headaches, be proactive about inspecting your roof for missing shingles as well as other problems such as rotted wood or weakening nails.


Use Your Roof Insurance

Missing shingles are a sign of storm-related damage, which means most insurance companies will pay for replacement or repairs. 

However, when you have your insurance pay for damages, be sure to review your policy, so you know what is and isn’t covered before making any claims. Your insurance company will usually ask you to submit proof that your shingles and roof were up-to-date with a roof inspection before they payout, so make sure your roof has undergone inspection recently.

To get started with your inspection, schedule an appointment with a professional roofer that can assess your entire roof and determine if you have any missing shingles. 

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