Roof Installation: The Cost and Benefits of a Professional Roofer

Roof Installation

If roof installation is on your to-do list, then you might be wondering whether or not it’s worth the time and money. Do you want to be up on your roof for your home’s metal roof installation, or do you want to hire a company? From a potential new roof installation DIYer to hiring a professional – let’s take a look at some of the costs and benefits of the roof installation process.  

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Can you do it yourself? 

You certainly can install your own roof, but we strongly encourage you to leave it up to the professionals. If you have never installed a roof before and are trying to make this your DIY project to save money or learn the process – we suggest you DIY another project. As one of the most dangerous home improvement projects out there, installing a roof incorrectly can have tragic results.

According to the CDC, more than 97 percent of all roofing and ladder accidents happen at home, which indicates that many people who try to DIY roofs on their own are under-qualified to repair and install their own roofs. But if you continue to think, “I still want to do it,” then here are five more reasons why you should leave roof building to the professionals.


Lack of experience

Just because you can change the oil in your car does not mean you can now rebuild your car’s engine. The same can be said about a roof. If you have managed to fix a broken shingle after a storm or repair a hole – it’s not the same process as completely installing a roof. 



Professional roofers can get your roof completed in 1-2 business working days. How long will it take you (and maybe a crew of friends you asked) to help you tear down and build up the roof? Days? Weeks? 



How do you budget for your materials? What if you buy more than you need and can’t return the items? Also, if you make a mistake, redoing it can be pricey and completely mess up your budget.


Voided shingle warranty

Some shingle companies may not offer a warranty if professionals do not install their product. So if you are going to DIY and there is a particular shingle you love – read the fine print! 


Home insurance liability

When you install a roof – you are changing a home’s structural integrity. Some home insurance companies may drop your policy if they find out that your roof was a DIY. 


The benefits of a professional roofer

If you are still on the fence between DIY and professional roofer, hopefully, these benefits of hiring professionals will sway you from climbing up that ladder:


Quality materials

A high-quality roofing experts use quality materials. These high-quality materials ensure that install goes smoothly and the product is very long-lasting. 


Time savings

Professional roofers are quick. They are in and out in a matter of days – sometimes hours. These teams of professionals work as efficiently as possible and provide you with excellent results.  


Lower Cost

A professional roofer will have all the gear to get the job with them at the job site. They will be able to calculate the price of the job ahead of time and give you a solid number before they begin the project. If you went with a DIY, these numbers would all be variable, and there is a more significant chance you may blow your budget on materials, supplies, or tools you might never use again. 


Safety measures

Your professional roofer will come to the job site with the proper safety equipment and the knowledge to use it. Accidents can occur at any time during roof work, so rely on the professionals who are prepared for anything.


Built to code

How familiar are you with roof codes and standards? Chances are, you are not familiar with the newest code and most important standards. Luckily – your professional roofer is. They will make sure that everything is built to Central Floridas building code and standards. 


Peace of mind

You won’t have to worry about yourself, your spouse, or your partner falling off the roof. If you hire an experienced and highly skilled roofing company, you can be secure knowing that the team will do an exceptional job, and you will be “covered” for years to come. 


A knowledgeable team

If you choose a contractor that has been in the industry for a while – they will have experience with any roof you throw their way. Since a professional team has “done it before,” they are more efficient in their work and will be able to quickly and safely turn around your roof project. 


Costs of professional roof installation

Let’s talk money because, let’s face it; money is going to be one of the items on your list when choosing which professional roof installer you pick for your project. When it comes to the cost of an install – the prices can be all over the place.

Don’t get sticker shock or disheartened. If anything, get another quote from a different installer.

You may encounter a price that is extremely high and one that is incredibly low. Just to get a feel for the cost of an average roof repair, here are three averages from different sources: 

  • According to Homeguide, The average cost to replace a roof is $7,211. With the low end of the spectrum at $4,707 and the high at $10,460. 
  • According to Fixr the average cost to replace a roof is $9,000. With the low end of the spectrum at $3,500 and the high at $33,000.
  • According to Homeadvisor, the average cost to replace a roof is $8,432. With the low end of the spectrum at $5,579 and the high at $11,521. 


Notice how even with these three averages, there is a pretty decent variation in professional roof installation price? One goes up to as high as $33,000!

The most important takeaway from this example is to be flexible with finance expectations and get at least three or more quotes. Some will be high, and some will be low.

But if we take an average from these three averages… you’re looking at roughly $8,000. 


Choosing the right roofing Contractor

If you decide that to DIY your roof has too many headaches and unknown variables in safety and cost – you need to choose a professional roofer.

When you go professional – make sure your roofer has the right qualifications, and they are within the price range you are comfortable with.

Be clear with the type of roofing you want, from a metal roof installation to a roof vent installation. Make sure your roofer can meet your requirements and send you a quote before the job even begins. 

If you are ready to get your roof professionally built – our team at Goat Roofers is ready to talk to you today. You can get a jump on our roof pricing with our roofing estimate calculator, or call us today for one of the best rates – and roofing products in the greater Orlando, Florida area.

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