Roof Repair: Common Roof Issues

roof repair

The roof is the most essential part of your home. It’s what protects you from the elements, and it’s also what keeps your family safe. Unfortunately, that means that when something goes wrong with your roof, it can be a huge problem and fixing your roof becomes a priority!

But some common issues come up repeatedly, and knowing what they are and how to spot them can be a great skill that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So today, we’re going over these common roof problems, and hopefully by the end of this you will be confident in your ability to spot issues with your roof before they get out of hand!

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Leaking Roof

Leaking roofs are one of the biggest roofing issues we see. Most roof leaks occur because of something that’s damaged the roof shingles or roof panels, like hail. When hail damages your roof, it leaves behind thousands of tiny holes that can ultimately weaken the roof.

Unfortunately, that means that water can quickly get through those small holes and into your roof, leading to all sorts of problems inside your home!

You can fix roof leaks by replacing the roof shingles, roof panels, or other roof materials that have been damaged. And if you do it right, you can even get your roof to last you another 20 to 30 years!

A Roof that isn’t Watertight

Another common problem is a roof that lets in too much water. Waterproof roofing products are designed to be completely watertight so that the roof can keep your home safe from rainwater.

But if there are gaps in your roof or problems with the roof flashing, then water will start getting through those cracks and into your roof space. Over time, that water will damage the roof sheathing and even cause your indoor roof materials to mold and rot.

To fix a roof that’s letting in too much water, you need to make sure the roof is fully installed correctly so that it stays watertight. You should also inspect your roof for gaps and openings where leaks can happen.

Mold on Your Roof

If you have mold growing on the roof of your home, then you need to act fast! Mold is a serious roofing problem AND health problem, and could put you and your family at risk.

There are multiple types of roof mold, and they grow at different rates depending on your location and weather conditions. But roof mold grows best when there’s a roof leak, so you’ll want to fix any roof leaks before replacing your roof.

Roofing experts recommend using roof coatings on your roof to fight roof mold. Coatings are liquid in form and go on top of existing roofing materials like shingles and roof panels. They’re designed to help keep moisture out of the roof, and they can even prevent mold from growing in the first place!

Cracked and Broken Roof Shingles

Cracked roof shingles are a major roofing problem, but they can be pretty easy to fix once they actually crack.

That’s because roof shingles come in sets of three, so you just need to replace the cracked roof shingle with a new one. But the roof is going to continue being damaged until all the cracked roof shingles are replaced.

If left unchecked , cracked, curled or damaged shingles can damage your roof deck and ultimately lead to a leak.

You can fix small issues yourself although it is good to get a professional to come inspect your roof and make sure there is no additional damage to your roof below the surface of your shingles

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a roofing material that’s designed to protect roof joints, chimneys, and roof penetrations. The problem with flashing, though, is that it can easily get damaged by ice and snow.

Damage caused by ice or snow will eventually lead to roof leaks when the roof gets hit hard by rainwater. To fix roof flashing, roofers will replace the damaged roof flashing with a new piece of flashing to get the roof watertight again.

Rotted Roof Sheathing

Roof sheathing is a roofing material that protects your roof’s structure and supports the weight of all your roof panels. But if you have ultra-thin roof sheathing, it can easily get damaged by roof leaks and bad weather.

Roof sheathing is easy to fix because you just need to replace the water-damaged roof sheathing with a new one. But if left untreated, rotted roof sheathing will continue getting worse and can even lead to your roof collapsing.

Roof Repair Costs

Roof repair costs vary depending on what roofing problem you have. For instance, a roof leak is going to cost more than the replacement of your roof’s flashing. If roof sheathing is rotted out and needs to be replaced, then roof repair costs are going to skyrocket!

Roof repairs cost between $2.60 and $16 per roof square foot. So a roof area that’s 100 square feet will cost between $260 and $1600 to fix common roof issues.

It’s always a good idea though to ask a roofing company to give you an estimate. They’ll give you a better idea of what common roofing problems cost to fix, but most importantly if your common roof issue is more serious than you expected at first glance.

Final Thoughts

Repairs are necessary for roof maintenance, but there’s a lot of roof repair work that you can do without getting professionals involved.

The biggest thing if you are going to make repairs yourself is to make sure you address the problem early. If you start noticing any leaking or molding issues it might be too late. Regardless, getting a free inspection and estimate never hurts.

Call us today and we can get someone from our team out to you to make sure that your common roof issue isn’t something more serious!

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